Welcome! And thank you for looking me up.

My name is Yohai Meiron (林友海). I am a researcher at the University of Toronto. Read more about me here.

In this website you can read about my research interests and random sciency thoughts, and explore some of my code.

Photography is certainly not one of my specialties but I am very proud of the these: the picture in the header is János-hegy in the Buda Hills seen from Normafa. At the footer on the left is the Toronto skyline as seen from a Toronto Island ferry, and on the right is the view from the Beijing Olympic Tower toward the Bird’s Nest Stadium and the Water Cube.

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Restaurant reviews revisited

Over a year ago I analyzed restaurant reviews in Budapest and came up with a complimentary way to rank businesses. This was based on the 4- and 2-star reviews rather than the average score. I followed up by repeating this analysis for Toronto. Below are the results (particularly comparing the two cities) and some new … Continue reading Restaurant reviews revisited

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